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Application for Donation/Sponsorship

Are you a First Responder Organization?
Are you a 503(c)3

Organization Address:

Will HonestCoinsLI be mailing these items to you?

If other, please describe how you would like to receive your Donation:

Location of event

If you have an idea for a design in mind, please attached it below

Upload File
Will the Donation/Sponsorship be sold at your event for a profit?
Can HonestCoinsLI set up a booth at your event for free?
Can HonestCoinsLI have an ad on your Website/Journal for free
  • All applications must be summited 6 (SIX) months prior to the event. Summation of an application does not guarantee HonestCoinsLI will approve or deny your application. Your application will be reviewed by our for Donation/Sponsorship committee. When a decision is made your organization will be notified by E-mail with our decision. Unfortunately, due to the number of applications HonestCoinsLI reserves for Donation/Sponsorship not all applications will be approved.

  • Applications that are NOT fully filled out will not be accepted or considered for Donation/Sponsorship.

  • Please note, if our Donation of Challenge coins, Citations bars, Finishers medals, Patches or Pines are found on third party web sites for sale or trade such as eBay, Facebook marketplace, Facebook pages. Ect. Your organization will be responsible for 100% of the monetary value plus 10%

I/we agree to the above terms and conditions?

Thank you for considering HonestCoinsLI to Donation/Sponsorship your upcoming event. We look forward to working with your organization.

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