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Plating is a manufacturing procedure involving applying a metal coating to another item. For instance, rather than being folded entirely of gold or silver, jewelry is frequently plated with those precious metals.

The challenge coins that HonestCoins LI makes are all formed of zinc alloy. These metals are ideal for the die-casting and die-striking operations needed to make your coins, and we select them for their general durability. While these metals are perfectly useful on their own, we at HonestCoins LI think consumers should have as many alternatives as possible for the final appearance of their coins. Coin plating is used in this situation.

The original appearance of the base metal used to make the coin will be retained in coins that have not undergone the plating procedure. Even while these coins have a distinctive and intriguing appearance on their own, metal plating has various advantages that go beyond aesthetics. 

The Benefits Of Metal Plating Include The Following:

  • Enhanced Paint Adherence

  • Reduced Friction

  • Changed Conductivity 

  • Improved Solderability 

  • Increased Strength 

  • Improved Paint Adherence

Because of these advantages, plating is employed on metals and other items in electronics and automobiles. But some reasons we advocate coin plating so highly include corrosion resistance, visual appeal, increased strength, and paint adherence.

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