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Custom Leather Patches

Leather patches are less common than options like embroidered or PVC patches, but they offer a unique, classic appeal that can't be replicated in any other form. If you and your team are seeking something exclusive, distinctive, and rich in artisanal tradition, our synthetic leather patches are the perfect choice.

Custom Embossed and Debossed designs at your fingertips

Patches aren't just for jackets anymore! Clubs, charities, schools - you name it, they can all have custom leather patches for their fans. These can be stitched onto backpacks, hats, jeans, or even jackets. Want a keychain instead? No problem, we can make leather patches with cutouts for easy attachment.

Size matters, especially for hats! There's usually plenty of space on the side or front, but giant patches might not stick well if they can't lay flat. Jackets are your canvas - go crazy with all sorts of shapes and sizes. Looking for something classic? We do chenille patches for letterman jackets. Want to stand out? We can create synthetic leather patches with unique designs, like school crests or even patches inspired by cool vintage aviation styles. It all started with WWII flyboys. American pilots back then wanted to personalize their jackets, so they'd hit up local crafters for custom-made leather patches. These weren't just decorations - they celebrated the pilots' achievements and camaraderie.

Fast forward to today, and we still bring that same handcrafted spirit to every leather patch we create. Sure, the process has gotten more modern, but the classic look and feel remain. And guess what? Leather patches aren't just for bomber jackets anymore - they can go wherever you want them to.

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Making a Custom Synthetic Leather Patch Stick

When attaching a leather patch to a surface, choosing the right backing option is crucial. Most of the leather patches we design do not have any backing, as many customers prefer to glue or sew them manually. However, we do provide hook and loop backing for our leather patches. Some jackets and military uniforms already have the loop part sewn onto the sleeves or chest, making our hook and loop patches easy to attach immediately.

The iron-on backing is our most popular attachment method. Although securing iron-on leather patches only takes a few minutes with the appropriate tools, it’s important to be cautious to avoid damaging the leather with the hot iron.


Start Designing Your Own Leather Patch Today

Just fill out our free quote form anywhere on our website, upload your ideas, and we'll whip up your first free artwork proof within 24 hours. We're obsessed with customer satisfaction, so all revisions and artwork are completely free. Plus, every order gets overnight shipping – because who wants to wait?

Our synthetic leather patches offer a timeless look unlike any other. Our HCLI design team is here to make your vision a reality, crafting a custom patch that rivals the work of old-school artisans. Don't wait – send your ideas our way and see your patch come to life!

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HonestCoinsLI is a small Challenge Coin design company that is Family/Law Enforcement owned and operated solely by Veterans and First Responders. Our mission is to “keep the tradition alive” by providing trustworthy, personalized, and affordable products with respect you deserve.


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All logos, symbols, and slogans shown are protected trademarks of their respective owners. By submitting designs to HonestCoinsLI Corp, the customer confirms that they possess the legal rights to reproduce any logos or images included in their order. The images displayed on HonestCoinsLI Corp's website are for demonstration purposes only and not for purchase.

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