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Custom Embroidered Patches

From classic embroidered emblems rich in history to intricately detailed PVC patches that shrug off the elements, our skilled team brings your vision to life. We craft woven patches with seamless designs, offering a touch of elegance for any project. No matter your style, we have the perfect custom patch solution.

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Crafting Intricate Details in Embroidered Patch Design

There’s limitless potential for creating meaningful and memorable patches with embroidered artwork. We assist our customers in designing patches of every imaginable size, shape, and color, with each design telling a unique story. Scout patches and merit badges recognize individual achievements and learning, military patches awarded to unit members celebrate team camaraderie, and custom patches embroidered with a charity’s emblem help raise awareness and funds for important causes. Regardless of the purpose of your patches, our team makes it easy to maximize the impact of your embroidered patch design.

Embroidered Coverage and Thread Count

When starting on a custom embroidered patch design, two key factors to consider are thread count and embroidery coverage. Thread count refers to the number of different colored threads in the design. We provide up to seven different colors for free with any embroidered patch, but you can add as many colors as necessary to perfect your artwork. Embroidery coverage indicates the portion of the patch that is embroidered versus the part left untouched by the needle. Our custom embroidered patches are priced based on two categories: 75% embroidered or less, and 76% to 100% embroidered. Higher thread coverage results in a more intricate and detailed design. For patches with less than 100% coverage, some of the mesh backing will be visible, which can enhance your custom artwork.


Understanding the Difference Between Embroidered and Woven Patches

The distinction between woven and embroidered patches is evident both visually and tactilely. Woven patches feature thinner threads and a tighter weave, producing a smoother design. In contrast, embroidered patches use thicker threads that create a layered, textured design with greater depth. Custom embroidered patches, known for their traditional appearance, are ideal for those seeking a classic aesthetic. We use only the highest quality threads for both embroidered and woven patch designs, ensuring that your artwork remains vibrant and durable over time, regardless of the style you choose.

Bring Your Vision to Life: Create Stunning Embroidered Patches Online

Designing high-quality patches with our team opens up a world of possibilities. Some customers opt for custom logo patches with their emblem at the center, while others create unique designs that celebrate achievements and team identity.

At HCLI Patches, we have years of experience in crafting custom embroidered patches using the finest materials and stunning designs for any occasion. We offer free artwork, unlimited revisions, and free shipping on all U.S. orders. With our industry-leading turnaround time of 14 days or less, we can meet almost any deadline. If you need custom patches quickly, contact us today.

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HonestCoinsLI is a small Challenge Coin design company that is Family/Law Enforcement owned and operated solely by Veterans and First Responders. Our mission is to “keep the tradition alive” by providing trustworthy, personalized, and affordable products with respect you deserve.


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All logos, symbols, and slogans shown are protected trademarks of their respective owners. By submitting designs to HonestCoinsLI Corp, the customer confirms that they possess the legal rights to reproduce any logos or images included in their order. The images displayed on HonestCoinsLI Corp's website are for demonstration purposes only and not for purchase.

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