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Challenge coins are small, metal coins or medallions that are often used as a symbol of membership or achievement within an organization. These coins are given to members of the military, first responders, or other groups as a way to commemorate their service or achievement. Challenge coins are also often used as a way to show camaraderie and solidarity among members of a group or organization.  

Whether you're a member of a military unit, a first responder, or a member of a company or club, challenge coins can be a powerful symbol of your commitment and dedication to your group or organization.

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Custom Patch
Custom Patch


Custom Challenge Coins
Custom Challenge Coins






Ordering challenge coins from HonestCoinsLI is easy. Simply fill out our online quote and artwork request form and include images, preferred coin options, and detailed notes on your desired coin design.

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Our design team creates a stunning coin design and sends digital proofs within 48 hours of your request. Revisions are unlimited and free until you're satisfied and ready to order.

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Upon receipt of payment for your order, production of your coins will commence immediately. Our coin production process is among the quickest in the industry, with a turnaround time of 14 days or less.

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Keeping The Tradition Alive

Our mission is to “keep the tradition alive” by providing trustworthy, personalized, and affordable products with the respect you deserve.


We can help you with any coin or custom design that you have in mind!




I have purchased several coins and each one looked better than the last. I am very impressed with the quality of the coins and the customer service at Honest Coins. I had a question about a specific coin and the owner reached out to me the same day and answered all of my questions.
If you are looking for a custom and high-quality challenge coins give Honest Coins a try. You won’t be disappointed.



HonestCoinsLI was wonderful to work with and we can’t recommend him enough. The medals he made for our Fire Department’s fundraiser 5k were amazing. We hear nothing but compliments about his work!

Solid work, solid product. Follows creative directions, delivers satisfactory craftsmanship. Recommended.


Working with Honest Coins LI is an easy process. If you’re local, you can physically look at some of the coins they’ve done, and if you aren’t local you’re just an email away.


Great design work and fast turnaround!


This was the first time I worked with HonestCoinsLI and I’ll definitely be back! Awesome company to work with. I came in with an idea and they helped me until the coin was perfect! I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking to create their own unique coin!



Highly recommend the crew at Honest Coins! Great customer service, top-notch designs, and quick turnaround times. If you’re looking for the best coins, check out HonestCoinsLI!!

"Our unmatched service has been enjoyed by thousands of clients"

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HonestCoinsLI Experience

  • 10+ years of Experience

  • Free shipping across all 50 states in the US

  • Artwork from our highly skilled designers, free of charge

  • Free Revisions and Customizations

  • Exclusively American customer service

  • Full satisfaction guarantee on quality and craftsmanship

  • Email:



HonestCoinsLI Gift Card

A challenge coin gift card allows the recipient to choose their own coin. This can be a great option if you're not sure what type of challenge coin the recipient would like, or if you want to give them the freedom to choose something that speaks to their interests.

HonestCoinsLI Products
HonestCoinsLI Products
HonestCoinsLI Products

How much time does it take to create a challenge coin?​​

The production of the challenge coins would take four to eight weeks; this excludes delivery time. The first task is to make a special mold for the design. The next steps entail color-filling, deburring, stamping, plating individually, undergoing quality control, and packaging the coins for shipping.​​

This is how the entire procedure appears:


One of our production supervisors oversees quality control, ensuring that the artwork can be produced precisely and consistently. After this is complete, we begin creating the unique mold.


In most cases, molds are prepared within the first 24 hours, and all the coins are stamped and prepared to go to the deburring stage of manufacturing.


Each coin will still have undergone the deburring procedure, which entails removing any ridges, rough edges, or other flaws from each coin by the end of the day. Coins go to the plating stage of manufacture when this is finished.

One of the things that makes a well-crafted challenge coin unique is the level of attention to detail that goes into its design and production. This can include fine details in the artwork, such as intricate patterns or subtle shading, as well as special finishes or treatments that enhance the coin's appearance and durability. Challenge coins can represent a wide range of things, depending on the group or organization that issues them. For example, they might be used to recognize the achievement of a particular goal or to mark the completion of a specific training program. They might also be used to commemorate an important event or milestone, or to honor the service or sacrifice of an individual or group. In the military, challenge coins are often used as a way to build esprit de corps (a sense of unity and loyalty) within a unit. They may be given to soldiers to mark the completion of a particular mission or to recognize their service to their country. In the private sector, challenge coins are sometimes used as a way to recognize the contributions of employees or to celebrate the success of a company.

US Army Challenge Coin
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What is the significance of a challenge coin?

Branding Identity

Challenge coins can be a powerful tool for improving your business brand and helping your organization stand out. These small coins or medallions are typically made from metal and are struck with a unique design on one or both sides. By creating a high-quality challenge coin with a distinctive and eye-catching design, you can give your organization a unique and memorable symbol that will help to strengthen your brand and differentiate you from the competition. Challenge coins can also be used to recognize the achievements of your employees or customers, which can help to build morale and foster a sense of belonging within your organization. Overall, investing in a well-crafted challenge coin can be a powerful way to improve your business brand and make your organization stand out.




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