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Exceptional Quality at an Unbeatable Price

When you see an embroidered patch, you instinctively look for its meaning. Whether representing membership in a club or organization, celebrating an achievement, or highlighting special credentials, custom embroidered patches make a bold statement.

Custom Patch Services

Ensure your statement stands the test of time with HCLI Patches. We specialize in delivering high-quality embroidery featuring fade-resistant threads, wrapped borders, and meticulous attention to detail. Choose HCLI Patches for embroidery work you can be proud of.

Your custom embroidered patches come with the following features:

  • State-of-the-art computerized machine construction

  • Durable fine-twill backing for long-lasting quality

  • FREE color proof within 24-48 hours

  • FREE artwork and design assistance

  • Premium 100% Rayon thread for luxurious sheen and luster

  • FREE Shipping within the USA

  • Complimentary tape, mold, and setup fees included

patch making.jpeg

Additional Patch Details


Our patches are measured using this formula: (Height + Width) / 2. Add the maximum height and width of your desired patch, then divide the total by two to determine the patch size.

thread color.webp
Embroidered Chart

"Embroidery coverage refers to the extent of embroidery on the surface of a patch. We offer two coverage options: up to 75% and 76-100%."

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