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Custom Chenille Patches

Chenille patches offer a timeless aesthetic and a luxurious texture, creating a truly unique experience. They evoke memories of high school, reminiscent of the letterman jackets worn by athletes, seniors, and marching band members. Although letter patches are the most typical use for chenille, they are not the only reason to choose this distinctive type of patch.

Level Up Your Crafts: Mastering the Art of Chenille Patches.

Embroidery patches are named for the technique used to create them, while chenille patches are named after the material from which they are made, similar to how PVC patches derive their name. PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, is a flexible, rubber-like material, whereas chenille is a fabric made from silk combined with natural fibers such as cotton or wool. This combination results in a yarn with a unique texture distinct from regular thread. The production process for chenille patches also differs from other patch types. Typically, chenille patches are made on felt backgrounds rather than the fabric mesh used for woven patches. Additionally, the method of threading chenille into the patch is unique; a special chenille patch machine is required to feed the yarn up through the bottom of the patch, giving chenille patches their signature fuzzy texture, unlike the flat appearance of traditional thread.

Due to the unique manufacturing process and specialized materials required, chenille patches are slightly more expensive than other types of patches we offer. The most common application for chenille patches is varsity letters, which have been the standard for school awards for decades. Initially used to honor athletes, chenille award letters are now prevalent across various academic fields, recognizing achievements from academic excellence to artistic talent. Traditional chenille football patches remain popular, but chenille patches are also used for school mascots and uniform patches. 

Beyond school settings, chenille patches are popular as eye-catching accessories on clothing and bags. Many high-profile gift shops at theme parks and sporting venues sell chenille patches featuring their characters and logos. In colleges and universities, Greek letter chenille patches are frequently seen on fraternity and sorority jackets and sweaters. Overall, custom chenille patches are highly appealing for school uniforms and other academic uses. The classic letterman jacket patch has evolved beyond being a symbol of athletic prowess to represent a broader range of achievements.

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Placing an order for a Chenille Patch

All custom patches ordered from HCLI Patches come with a variety of attachment options. For a permanent addition to any accessory, consider selecting an iron-on backing for your order. If you prefer a more temporary attachment, we also offer hook and loop backing, as well as safety pin and magnetic options. Before choosing the right backing for your custom chenille patches, you need to start your order. Fortunately, initiating a new order is very straightforward. Simply fill out the quote request form available on our website, send us your general ideas along with any artwork or images for your design, and our artists will prepare a proof of artwork for your approval within 24 business hours. If you’re ready to begin your custom patch order, contact us today and discover why HCLI Patches is the leading online custom patch retailer.

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Collaborating with the Leading Custom Patch Maker Online

Creating custom chenille patches requires a bit more time compared to our other popular patch types. Typically, crafting the initial sample for your chenille patch takes about seven days. After the sample is approved for full production, we usually need around 10 additional days to complete orders of fewer than 1,000 patches. This totals to a 17-day turnaround time for these patches. While this timeline is slightly longer than our industry-leading 14-day turnaround for other patch types, we maintain the same 100% quality guarantee across all orders. At Signature Patches, our commitment is to accurately bring your designs to life. To begin your order, feel free to reach out to us via email, or by filling out a quote request form on our website today.

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